Syria Post #7

Sex Trafficking in Syria

Amongst the civil war in Syria, many devastating acts are taking place. Violence has taken over the country, and the people who still reside in Syria-as well as refugees from other countries-are very vulnerable to sex crimes and sex trafficking. Unfortunately, sex trafficking is extremely prevalent in Syria during this time. It is essentially a hub or “destination” for men, women, and children who are subject to forced labor and sex. ISIS is one of the main components of this awful crime. ISIS has been reported to be responsible for forcing local Syrian women into marriages to the ISIS soldiers. This forced marriage also comes with the obligation of sex within the marriage. This is only one way that women are exploited and forced into intimate relationships/situations they do not ask for. These marriages often contain much violence against the women, some even resulting in death. The women are not seen as real people, but tools for the soldiers to use. In 2015, ISIS invaded Assyrian villages and captured and forced 30 Assyrian Christian women into sexual slavery. It doesn’t end here, in 2014, ISIS took their obsession with their media presence a step farther from its usual videos, and displayed a video telling viewers how to capture, hold, and sexually abuse women and young girls. ISIS uses many fear-inducing tactics to intimidate groups and people who oppose them, and the world in general. Sex trafficking in Syria is not only the responsibility of ISIS, but it has been known that even family members will force women into sex slavery and trafficking.



Due to the civl unrest in Syria, it is nearly impossible to thoroughly investigate, track,a and stop this from happening. ISIS has power that is expanding rapidly and steadily, and members are using all types of people in order to gain more power and intimidate more people. Unfortunately, women are one of their main targets in which their “power” is exerted.


The article “Born Free” addresses human trafficking goals in their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2016, and explains of many ways in which they plan on making a change. The Outcome Document within the article explains how it hopes to empower all women and young girls and promote gender equality. It also introduces ways in which they plan on creating sustained and inclusive economic growth, and promote peaceful and inclusive societies. With equal and decent employment for everyone, as well as a society that is inclusive and peaceful, there is hope that human sex trafficking will lessen and hopefully one day end. It takes a peaceful society that sees men and women as equal, as well as people of money and poverty as equal to sustain an environment in which sex trafficking doesn’t exist and is not permitted. This document also states that it not only wants to prevent the sexual abuse of women, but it also strives to eliminate child slavery and unjust labor of persons. A way in which this can be achieved is to force governments to take notice and start the discussion of what actively needs to be done for a real change to be made. People need to be educated on how much this is going on and where, and what they can do to prevent it from happening. NGO’s and other aid organizations are a great way to help victims of sexual abuse, and further training for volunteers on the matter would help the victims is also a great way to help people take back their lives.


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