Egypt- Post #8

The most interesting guest speaker, in my opinion, was Soren Larson, the geographer who gave his talk on the Cheslatta First Nation. Cheslatta people are a community, living mainly in Canada, who are being negatively affected by things their surrounding neighbors are doing, take the dam flooding issue, for example. Personally, I am interested in many aspects of history, anthropology and geography, as a hobby. I don’t get the chance to formally study these things, on account of my major being unrelated to any of those subjects. When I think of the class subject, which has been focusing on different cultures and aspects that influence the lives of people all over the world, this talk is what I think of. I really enjoyed how this was a new topic that I had never heard of before, and Dr. Larson gave a great insight into the Cheslatta people and how they are being affected by society, much like the subjects we have learned about in this class. I appreciated and got so much from this presentation because I was able to relate it to other similar situations I have learned about, or read about in other classes, or through other research. An example of this is when we discussed the NGOs around the world, and within our countries. I was able to relate many of the unjust happenings to the Cheslatta people, to research I discovered about the history of my topic country, Egypt. While the issues Egypt faced years ago were more government based, the fight the Cheslatta people are currently fighting is partly because of government regulations not working in favor of their communities. It was easiest for me to understand the ideas of oppressor versus the community or person being oppressed. When I looked at Dr. Larson’s presentation from a more wide perspective, I was able to understand and relate it to some ideas from our class discussion easier.

The country I have been researching all semester is Egypt. As I said before, I have been very interested in anthropology, geography, and history, for a while now. Because my studies do not really relate to any of those subjects, I have had to put a hold on researching and learning those things since I got to college. This project and class allowed me to research the history, and anthropology of Egypt and its people, which has been a really fun time for me. I gained so much knowledge on how Egypt works, both governmentally and socially. Another thing I gained was resources and information about the women’s rights movement and its connections with other countries. I am a women and gender studies major, so finding new information and knowledge about things happening in the social justice field, outside of the United States, is a goal of my current research. I gained an understanding of how Egypt contributes to environmental issues the world is facing, but also on the ways in which they are aiding in the fight for environmental justice. Another added bonus of the blog project is working closely with other classmates, each with different countries of study, because I can read their individual blogs and gain more knowledge from their research as well. Before this class and this project, I was pretty simple minded when it came to how countries interact with one another. This class and this project has given me an insight into the intercommunications of the world, and how globalization is growing and changing the world we live in.


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